Tuesday, July 07, 2015


'Twas another gleeful day here in the Bozone…actually the Madison Valley. But. it started off here in Bozeman around 4:30 this morning with my alarm going off. I rolled over and played dead until about 4:39. After the various early morning routine that involved about 17 trips from my truck to my house before I get on the road, then I got to do the gas, ice, and lunch runs. I remember thinking to myself that   one of the best parts of the day for me is usually that drive from the house to the shop this time of year. Bozeman, despite it's transformation to a traffic-clogged, mountainous urban hamlet, is still a pretty cool place to spend the life.
We met the clients in Ennis this morning and were on the water by 6:45. Fishing continues to surprise me in that it has been really good. Maybe it's that I keep expecting it to suck and it just doesn't. Got 'em on rubber legs and chubbier until we were winding down around 1:30.
I found myself thinking that fishing must be pretty good as the guy I was with today was seriously getting it done…in a "safety green" sweatshirt, knee-high socks, and sneakers. The best part of that was that he simply is one of those guys that got the "I don't give a fucks" back in the 70's and has hung on to that motto all these years. He railed some fish, made me laugh pretty hard, and and must have smoked a couple packs of Kools in the 6 hours we were on the water. Kind of made me jealous to be honest...

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