Monday, July 13, 2015


Awoke once again to the sight of darkness and the sound of sprinklers hitting the siding on the house. Warmer this morning, no need for a jacket or even that debate. The drive from home to shop must have gone by in an uneventful manner as I don't remember anything about it, other than getting a "Thanks Darlin" at Town Pump while picking up some e-digs for the day.
Fished with the priests today. The bite was good, took a little work to get it sorted but we did. After cycling through 10 different rigs, went back to what we started with and got them just fine throughout the morning. Wonder why it seems to work like that? Get a fish, change flies cause you think you can get them better on something else, only to realize that you can't get them any better than you were getting them on before.
Priests did a blessing of the shop at the end of the day, which was awesome. Shop is solid now.
A morning in the shop and then get on a big ol' Jet Plane and head to Orlando for the ICAST/IFTD show the next couple of days. Home Thursday night and back on the water at dark thirty on Friday.

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