Monday, July 20, 2015


How did that story from Friday go? Something like an early meet with the dudes and a quick drive east into the rising sun. Boat on early, fishing very solid the first few hours, a nasty wind picked up around 10:30. Funny part was that I thought it was 12:30 as I had neglected to set my clock back after the quick trip to Florida. The guys wanted to be off the water by 2:00, so I was kind of freaking out as we had miles to go and I thought it was noon. Finally, at 1:15 on my watch, after pulling govern for lunch, I told them we had about 45 minutes to go, but I would hurry. The guy then asked me what time it was to which I said 1:15 and he corrected me to 11:15. Thankfully, we got them good in the morning and the wind was making it stupid so they were good with getting off the water by 12:30. Worked out perfectly, but it made me stop to think about stopping to think every once in awhile!
Played hooky with my kids this weekend in the Crazies. One thing that I stopped to think about, amongst others, was that there are too many people in the world. I have one honey hole spot left in the world where I have never seen another fisherman. We peaked in there, water looked perfect, but the little guy was getting the snake creeps and rightfully so. I left it alone, but it's there...

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