Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Got the little Googan up around 6:00 this morning and we headed east for the Yellowstone…low is how we roll. Stared at the sun for about an hour while he sat in the back watching Scooby Doo and munching on Town Pump hash browns. River looked good, wind was down, sun was out, and had the river pretty much to ourselves.
Matty has pretty much mastered the art of Tenkara fishing from a driftboat…making the impossible possible at a very early age. However, the Yamame finally gave way today to something big and yellow near the bank. He put the bugs where they needed to be, fish ate and zipped out and under the bow of the boat and took half the rod and a couple of flies with it. It all happened so fast, neither rod us was really sure what actually took place. I stopped to look for some sign of something but then remembered that the fish was gone and hopefully the flies came out otherwise that fish is going to have a tough go of things swimming around with half a Tenkara rod on the other end.
We switched to fishing with fly rod and reel after that and he continued to get it done pretty well. This was the most exposure that he has had to conventional fly fishing and I was really proud of how he did.. The beauty of the Tenkara thing for him has been that he has been able to understand where fish sit and how to read water, rather than dealing with line management issues. The cast is pretty much the same, so he picked that up right away and had the line thing sorted out after an hour or so.
Fish were looking up, but we stuck with nymphing, found plenty of rainbows, a few browns, a whitefish, and a Goldeneye too. Beat the rain and back home in time for a quick nap before dinner. I have a feeling that there own't be enough days like this when it's all said and done, so I think I'll relish in it today…they grow up too fast and I'm getting too old!

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