Friday, July 24, 2015


Headed east once again, staring into the sun. Found fish on rubberlegs and lightning bugs, a few on hoppers. Mostly rubber legs. River looked good in Town on the drive back, expected it to get dirty but looks like that isn't happening.
Fish are still on inside seams next to fast water, but the gravel bars are starting to develop and fish should be hugging the lips soon, looking up. Saw some Tricos this morning, that bite might get good in the next week. Hopper thing should start getting real good.
Honestly, it was a long day that I am sure was filled with many interesting factoids...but they are escaping me at the moment. I about crapped my pants as a 1.5' garter snake slithered in front of me on a bank. They are vicious. One of the guys tried to take a 4" fish off and dropped it in the back of the boat and it flopped under the rear deck…couldn't get it out…it' still there…that should be fun to deal with. The Stillwater must be really low. Rio Flouroflex Plus is worth the extra money. Thingamabobbers are perfect. Fly Agra works really well. Floating fly lines should float, not sink. Rising Big Nippas are great for dudes with diminishing eyesight, like myself. Reef flip flops are very comfy. Yeti coolers are heavy and stupid…I am stupid for buying one. I like my old oars better than my new ones. I still love my RO Deville. Fish like stonefly nymphs right now. The Orvis Recon might just be the best value in fly rods right now, people seem to cast them well, they are durable, made in the USA, $450 ish.

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