Wednesday, July 29, 2015


It has been good to be in the shop this week and get caught up with all that seems to never get caught up with…no, I am not all caught up. The snow that blanketed the mountains a couple of days ago has pretty much disappeared but I have a feeling that it was great for the summer outlook. Some water temperatures dropped by over 20 degrees in just a couple of days. The heat is back though…like in the 80's during the day and high 40's at night. Things should be good for a few days or maybe even longer.
Getting the boat ready for tomorrow this evening and came across that little fish that slipped between the floor of the boat and the deck last week. Maggots do grow under water…always wondered about that. A very pungent odor is in the boat right now, hopefully it airs out tonight or I may have to take her for a was in the morning.
A quick thank you to all of our customers for stopping in and seeing us so often this year! Seems like more and more people are having some great fishing as of late and I truly appreciate you all for giving us a chance. Even the guys that complained about the price of Crayfish yesterday…I didn't have the heart to tell them we recently dropped the price on the pattern he thought was overpriced! Flies are not cheap like they used to be, for me or you but thankfully, tippet has gotten a lot better!

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