Tuesday, September 01, 2015


Woke up feeling good about the outlook for the days the air had a nip to it, the smoke is gone, and the sky was blue. Headed east, planning on going down low on the Stone, but decided to go for cutthroats instead so turned south in Livingston. Wind was ripping at the top of the valley, so we headed down a bit, banking on a lighter breeze and decent dry fly fishing through the morning at least.
Got a couple cuts and a zillion whitefish and the wind picked up to howling level. Easily the least productive day of the season for me. I was reminded of why the bird float is gay once we hit Grey Owl about 10:30 and a bunch of lazy tools were just putting their boats in the water. Got stuck in the midst of a bunch of junk fisherman and junk guides fishing to junk fish in the middle of the junkets junk water when the Yellowstone is low. One of the clients asked if we should do it tomorrow too as the trout are not likely to not eat two days in a row. I told him that the next time I will be on that stretch of water will be 2019. Junk junk junk.
I tried to calm myself at times by telling myself at least it's pretty. But then that got me thinking about all the houses that used to not be there. Then non-fishing googans would come by in rafts and that got me thinking that FWP should have some kind of mandatory boat usage class that you have to take before you can put a craft on the water. Which got me thinking back a few years to the time that I almost got in a fight with a tool from FWP at a takeout when he got pissed at me for moving his kayak off the middle of the boat ramp at the takeout after asking his party to move it. Then that got me to thinking that I am glad he doesn't work for them anymore as he was/is an idiot for not having a clue about basic boat ramp etiquette, Which got me thinking that if he didn't have a clue, how can I expect the general floating public to understand it. Which brought me back to the fishing at the time today and the emotions I felt before going down this dark road of hopelessness.
I'm glad that this day is over, look forward to tomorrow not being today.

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