Thursday, November 19, 2015


Things have been much slower around the fly shop this week for a change. I have to admit that fishing hasn't even entered my mind as I've been freezing my ass off just walking from the truck to the shop in the mornings…about 15 feet.
Never surprises me, however, when some college kids come through on their way to the Gallatin in the wind and cold. I was thinking yesterday about winter dry fly fishing season, but then stopped as I realized that we are still months away from that being "all the buzz." So the mind drifted to the reality of what does work best this time of year and I settled on eggs.
I'm sure the shallows are full of dark, soggy, tired looking browns with some Rainbows just below them…also looking tired. Honestly, they are probably loving the little break in fishing pressure right now. Must be nice to be able to eat something without feeling like your mandible is being ripped out. Soon enough one variety of egg or another will be all you need for a few weeks, months if your that dedicated.

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