Wednesday, April 06, 2016


I should be in Missoula this week...or somewhere over there anyway, but the wife's quick illness has got me pitch-hitting with the various complexities of life and a family. Both of which are much easier when she is around and in good spirits! She's doing well though, hoping to be able to get back into a more normal routine by next week.
So, that leaves me back where I started and wishing I was fishing somewhere, rather than thinking about fishing somewhere. I did get out for a few hours today on the lower Madison, with a couple of guys that work for Orvis. They are in town, heading to Missoula for the Orvis Guide rendezvous.
The wind was beyond that point at which one describes the conditions as "windy." Spaceballs would have labeled it as "Ridiculous." Most of you probably have no idea what Spaceballs is anyway, so google it.
When we pulled up to one of my favorite little wade-spots on the lower, Mr. Combs from Orvis pulled out the rod in the tube above. I thought, to myself, if this was a scene in Spaceballs, the line would go something like "Look at my Schwartz!"
I fished these one piece trout rods for just a little bit, my initial reaction was jittery and "wow-like." Definitely a different animal altogether, a badass animal to be more precise.  Looking forward to getting more familiar with one of these very soon.

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