Friday, June 17, 2016


No, I have not entirely given up on the idea of blogging. I have nor "shut it down" for good. Truth is that I have spent far too much time typing over the last few years, and it just gets old after awhile! As I get older, it seems like I have less and less to say, but I wont to say what I want to say…LOUDER.
That said, I am on a quick trip to Argentina with my dad and some of his friends for a week of waterfowl hunting with some Dorado fishing thrown in their if the weather permits. We were here a few years back and the hunting was phenomenal…kind of ruined me to be honest.
Spending the day in BA, fly out to Santa Fe in the am and should be getting after something tomorrow afternoon. Nice day of laying low and walking around the city today, getting ready to head to a steak place for dinner. Will keep you posted!

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