Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Matched Sets and BS

Another delightfully early start to the day today with double yippers, yipping away at 4:45 am. The air was cooler and crisper than it has been in a little while. Very nice day in the end and hopefully tomorrow is too, with the shop AC due for repair before it heats back up.
Amazing to me how things always start to get better in early August, every year. Just when we think things are going to burn up and dry out, the days get shorter and some cool air makes it way. It won't last for too long, but if we get some more of this every once in awhile…things will be very good in the weeks ahead.
Meeting today with web folks (almost done) to wrap up the initial phases of our website redevelopment and release from earlier in the year. Most of the bugs are almost worked out and getting close to plowing ahead with life and the challenges of running a global fly fishing empire.
Guiding the next couple of weeks, so I guess I'll put the empire on hold, take my vitamin A, and look forward to rounding up all my crap at 4:45 in the morning.

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