Friday, September 09, 2016


Another day, another dollar…I'll make you holler for Whitefish from ramp to ramp. The Whitey bite was ON this morning as the ones that made it on the Yellowstone were letting their voices be heard today. Good trout bite too on hoppers here and there, rubber legs and little nymphs too.
Actually really was a very nice day, no BS. Im sure I have something meaningful to add to humanity tonight, but I am electing for an early night and some sleepy time instead of ranting and educating the world on the various things that make you go hmmm that were part of my life today. Like the lizard I saw creeping around some rocks this afternoon. Never seen lizards like that on the river. Like it was really nice to wear waders today. My Yeti cooler investment was stupid, they are too heavy and don't hold much more than a $19 Coleman. It's good to see bugs flying around again.

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