Monday, September 19, 2016


Another good day here her win the Bozone and NOT on the water. The "dream team" was assembled in the shop today and I think we accomplished three weeks worth of work, but very little sales. Slow of' who today.
Looking at all this stuff with the shop and trying to make sense of where we go from here. New fixtures, more flies, more stuff coming in 2017. It would be nice to sell more stuff while actually buying less for once, but I don't think it works like that.
The weather coming in looks fishy, getting jacked up for the last few days on the water in 2016 before heading to Brazil on Oct. 2. Fall fishing has been great so far, just hopes it holds in there for another week…then it can do whatever it wants.
I've been out throwing big rods in the backyard the last week or so. I'm yet to cast one that doesn't feel like the "best rod that I've ever cast." So many nice rods out there now. I can honestly say that the new Sage-X 890 i stye BEST 8 weight that I own…Also the only. The Helios 910 is the best 10 wt that I own (only 10 weight). The nine weight world gets more complicated….Radian 909 is the smoothest fast stick, the Sage Salt 990 is powerful, the Clutch Archiplelago does it great and feels like a 7 weight, the H2 909 is just sweet all the way around.. I don't own any junk rods, I guess.
Which one is my favorite? That's simple…its the one that I'm fishing with.

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