Friday, September 02, 2016

Fishy Friday

Wonderful day of regrouping around the office and the home. Even managed to start down that nasty road of getting rid of the old catalogs, notes, and unopened mail piled in this corner and that of the office. If I haven't opened the mail by now, it's probably not going to happen anyway. I have piles of papers and half filled condiment cups with flies destined for the sale bin from this spring littering every open space of my desk right now. So, it was good to get a start anyway.
The weather is starting to turn with some cooler air pretty much fireballing through the valley this afternoon. With the wind came a dense layer of smoke, but I'll take the smoke and some cold air anyway at this stage of the season.
Maybe the BWO's will think it's getting cloudy and come out once again instead of their silly little Pseudo cousins that have left me wondering why they exist on more than one occasion. You can have a bunch of size 18 BWO's out and fish are up everywhere…millions of Pseudos and a dink in the back of every 10th back eddy. I like BWO's much more than Psuedos…hopefully we will get lots of both very soon. That means little, olive soft hackles and wonder nymphs might just become relevant once again.
Going to try to hit the Ennis "Tie One on Event" tomorrow with the little Googan after I finish guiding for the day. I have no desire to fish the upper, but more than willing to make the drive to make some snide remarks in public. Hopefully, some folks will show but the reopening of the lower Yellowstone may have more folks heading east tomorrow, rather than south.
While cleaning my office today, I came across a Sales Confirmation of our Simms order from spring of 2015. Always made me wonder why they would even enter my order into the system and send me a confirmation showing ship dates and items if they never even planned to start doing business with Fins & Feathers as a full-line dealer.
After hearing that we were going to become a dealer for Simms, I immersed myself in learning about the products and the company as they had a fast approaching order deadline. So, we went through the whole line showing, discussed programs, terms, and started to get a clearer picture of the Simms product mix that would make sense of our customers and our overall Product Mix. That took about a day…in fact it took about three days for me as I was guiding on the Missouri at the time and made a apsecial effort to come home, do the showing, and then go back to guiding. Who knows how much time I put into hints over the next few weeks as I started to get serious about order placement, cash flow projections, and the potential impact on our "other brands." I put a lot of time into thoroughly looking at it all and making sure that the fundamentals were there in terms of budget, space, and marketing efforts from May-June 2015. I was willing to put the effort into this as I was under the impression that we were good to go with everything and all we needed to do at that time was get our paperwork and order into the system with Simms prior to their deadline, which I did by several weeks or by late June 2015 at the latest.
So, I was hoping to give this a break for the long weekend but that Sales Confirmation from last year just happened to pop up this morning and it kept my brain working on all of this.
Some folks have asked me why I am doing this now, the last couple of days. The reason for telling the story is simple, people want to know why we don't carry Simms when they can buy it online or from a  local Cabellas store, but not from a fly shop just a few blocks away from their headquarters. I don't feel comfortable sitting down and telling the story to everyone that asks, so I can just tell them to read my blog instead. Im not out to make judgements or assumptions, just going off my experience.

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