Wednesday, January 04, 2017


The holidays came and went in a blur for me in 2016...actually all of 2016 was here and gone before I knew it. My new years resolution is to try to live a slower life in 2017 as the days just go by faster and faster the older I get. I think that they might all be gone before I know it if they keep going by this fast.
It has now been over a year since I have had any nicotine/tobacco intake in a harmful manner. Felt like celebrating with a pack of Camels and a tin of Copenhagen. But, alas, I think the desire is finally gone as I never really thought too much about it. I do miss the Vape though. Tucking my little blue into the buff as Im looking for Permit, reaching over for a couple drags at 3 am, and burning through atomizers are things that I do definitely miss.
The holidays were spent here in Bozeman until Christmas. My parents came up and I worked maybe 2/3 time that Christmas week. It was cold enough and I still recovering form the stone incident so I did little more than gain 8 pounds in 4 days. I can eat a surprisingly large number of cookies in a very short time.
My dad and I went bird hunting for a couple of days in Kansas after Christmas. Shot geese one morning and ducks the next with a pile of pheasants in between.
Come home for a day or two and then slipped away to Ohio to surprise my wife who was hanging out with her dad for the New Years week. She figured it out the day I left, so the surprise wasn't as good as I had hoped. Still, we had a good time and spent New Years in Port Clinton, watching Wylie the Walleye drop from a crane. Good times!
I'm getting settled back in and have nothin on the radar for a few months. Looking forward to being home for awhile and hopefully doing some fishing around here once the weather warms back up...maybe next week. It has been so cold the last few days that it will most likely take several mild days to clear the ice enough to actually fish.
Lots to catch up on here too...

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