Wednesday, January 11, 2017

How To Tie the Reverends PT...and Why.

This uber-cold weather that has settled into Southwest Montana the last few weeks had had me thinking about my journeys South as of late. A little fly tying always seems to curb the obsession just enough to let me get back to reality for at least a few hours. One of my favorite nymph pattern of all time is a Kiwi pattern developed by a guide (Dean Bell) in Fiordlands. I came across the pattern ins a book called “New Zealand’s Best Trout Flies” by Peter Scott. Pattern books are always great ways to get the gears turning and this has always been one of my favorite.

The Reverend’s Pheasant Tail is typically tied with a tungsten bead and is an awesome dropper nymph, fished below a large attractor dry. I first fished it on the waters of New Zealand under various Wulff’s and Parachute patterns. Today, I consider it one of my “goto” flies for midsummer guide days on the upper Madison & Yellowstone rivers as well as late spring on the Missouri River.

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