Tuesday, February 07, 2017

The 7th Day Of Feb. 2017

February is here, almost 25% gone already - typical. I've been busy with kids and dogs the last few weeks, but the bite is never far from my mind.
This winter has been long, dark, and cold. Not so good for being a happy, but pretty good for the summer outlook and the rivers. Typically, once February gets here, the really cold weather is done and things should become more comfortable. Looking at the forecast, I see plenty of days in the 30's and 40' ahead with colder nights and some snow here and there. It would be awesome if that was the case through mid-march with some more snow filling in the rest of the mountains before we get to April.
The snow pack is on elf those things that we get asked about all of the time, but the conversations are really no different than farmers talking about next year's crop. Its all speculation. I'm feeling good about the water situation this year though, definitely more so than the previous two seasons.
I am, however, feeling much better about getting out of here for a few days! Heading to Ascension Bay for a quick weekend getaway with my "Bromance"...as the wife calls it. Looking forward to disappointment and rejection in the ways that only a Permit can make me feel. Heading out tomorrow and I won't miss the snow or cold wind.

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