Wednesday, March 01, 2017


I have been feeling so jacked up ever since returning for Mexico a couple of weeks ago. Jacked up about fishing and going fishing, but disappointed that the weather is windy or cold every time I really try to get serious about it. When people bitch about the winters aren't what they used to be...I say they're stupid! This winter has been long and cold; I'm ready to move on with it.
I've been on a gear getting gig the last couple of years. Picking up new rods and reels whenever a good deal comes along. I guess that I've been doing it long enough to know that really good deals don't come along all that often.
Just picked up a Sage Salt 970 with a Sage 6200 reel. I've been fishing a 9 weight Salt a lot the last two years and have really come to like its a lot, so I thought the 7 would be a good addition to the Bonefish/Redfish arsenal. The Salt is a beefy-feeling me. I've cast the 9 a lot and know that it has a lot of power in the butt with a relatively soft tip. Still it feels like the kind of rod that you just aren't going to break too easily. Power and durability are the top two things I want when I'm a long way for anywhere, fishing in the wind or throwing big flies. Pair that 7 up with the 6260 in the blue color and it's pretty sexy too. I'd take a Hatch over the 6200 any day, but the 6200 is still a very nice reel for the money.
Anyway, I've been thinking a lot about fishing and if I can't go fishing, there's nothing like getting ready to go fishing.

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