Saturday, April 01, 2017


Freedom is what I am all about today! How about you? You care about Freedom or just think that its something that you are entitled to? Most of humanity is not free in the sense of being truly liberated. Freedom is more than an a expression or even a right, it is away of life...and I am free!

Fishing gave me that Freedom, it saved me from a terrible addiction, mental affliction, and down and dirty depression bouts, Sure man...the tug is the drug and the bite is right, and we are going to go crush 'em on the Gally, or smoke 'em on the Maddy, But thats juststoner talk the bros regurgitate with the hope of finding something on their line at some point in the day.

Freedom is found in the process, not the tug and not the grip n grin..

I lived free on the Yellowstone river today and it was glorious. The fishing was so-so, the air was crisp, the sky was Big, just a few other boats around and the dudes where 100% with me as the day went along. We found plenty of fish under foam lines and in back-eddies.

All things left my mind today and I could think about was the water and the drift. No politics, no religion, no drama, just fishing. Nothing works like fishing does in my book

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