Monday, May 01, 2017


Has it really been that long? Time is starting to fly again and that is the one thing that I was hoping to slow down this year, Why must it always got by so damn fast anymore?

Ive been busy the last few weeks nevertheless. Working on the river, around the shop, and doing some family time as well. Probably should be doing more family time than anything else as junior is graduating soon and the little googan will be driving before I know it.

Fishing is a double-edged sword for me though. If I don't fish, I'm no good to be around and if I do fish...I'm not around. I think that I will keep fishing and try to be around when I'm not fishing. Probably won't work though, so I'll just keep fishing and be miserable to be around when I'm not fishing.

Anyway, I'm in Craig for a few weeks, working on the Missouri for my Spring Pilgrimage which I abandoned last year. Turns out that I missed it more than I thought I would and am not nearly as burnt out on guiding as I have been the last couple of years.

Had the chance to fish with my wife and the little googan Saturday and Sunday. They got some fish, enjoyed brief periods of nice weather while testing my ability to speak in kind words with a happy heart. I kind of failed that test, but I did apologize later!

The river is in good shape, coming up a little bit with increased flows. Too high for the wade anglers though and getting to that point where it helps if you've fished it a bunch during higher flows. Midges and BWO's with very few heads up. Give it a couple of days with stable weather and clouds and I bet we see some March Browns and a few heads up in the seams here sooner or later.

Looking forward to the rest of the week for a change though!

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