Friday, October 13, 2017

Doughnut Nuggets of Truth

Are you done? Are you out? Just kill the thing! Yet they keep looking, watching, hoping...for truth.

Honestly, I have had a serious case of writers block for a year now. This format was originally intended to be a content feeder about all things fly fishing in the world of the notable Its changed, it's wandered, it's started, and it's stopped many, many times. Its an organic beast now and will most likely remain so for awhile longer.

Very hectic last few months with guiding most day, trying to be a parent at nights (oldest son is now at MSU and living in the dorms(if you know anything about his path...that's a huge fucking deal...and I am so proud of him), the little guy is back at school and consumed with playing his first year of tackle football. The wife is busy as ever at MSU. 

I have been contributing more to our store blog the usual oover the last 6 months and as I only have som much time for this...that's where most of it's going.

Yet, I still need to vent and things have become bottled up. Very quickly here...Ebay is for cheap fuckers, Juicing flies is stupid and pothetic, people are too sensitive, the internet-in terms of the Monatan fly fishing industry-has become a place for shitheads to lie about their services and sell snake oil. 

Most fly fishing guides in Montana are LAZY, I'm not.

Finally. The world is full of two types of people. Doughnuts and Doughnut Holes. All Doughnut Holes come from Doughnuts. A doughnut knows everything that a doughnut hole knows, plus more. A doughnut hole can only know what a doughnut hole, can never know all that a doughnut knows. Its a matter of capacity. In the world of being a fly fishing angler. are you a doughnut or a doughnut hole? Here are some helpful ways to help determine your status in the fly fishing world.

Wonder what that bug on the water is? Doughnut Hole.

Agonize over tippet size? Doughnut Hole.

Head out, looking for a dry fly hatch on a sunny day when the wind is blowing 40? Doughnut Hole.

Think all fly rods are pretty much the same? Doughnut Hole.

Cant comprehend how a shuttle operation works? Doughnut Hole.

Think waders will make you a better angler? Doughnut Hole.

Cast 50' and throw a reach cast in at a the end? Doughnut.

What's a reach cast? Doughnut Hole.

Buy $14.99 sunglasses for fishing? Doughnut Hole.

What bugs go through a complete metamorphosis? Doughnut Hole

Lots and lots of Doughnut Holes in this world....very few Doughnuts.

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