Monday, February 27, 2006

The Good Old Days

Working in a fly shop is a pretty cool job. We gwt all kinds of folks ranging from the occassional transient bent on selling me a TV to the more frequent Hollywood celeb looking for 20% off a $4 spool of tippett! True stories I swear.
Today we had one on those guys selling the "good old days" by minimizing the might fine day of today. These are the guys and gals that insist on making sure that you know that they have been here over 20 years. You never hear a native making a point of letting you know how long they've been here! It gets irritating because for one thing...I don't care how long you've been here...for another...the fishing was always better yesterday...and finally...does anyone really fondly recall trying to cast a 7' fiberglass or bamboo noodle with a weighted fly into the wind on the Madison? No, at the time they were the person driving rod and line manufatcurers to give them something that would make this seemingly impossible feat a realtiy!
These are the ones that complain about the crowds on the river, the 10 minute morning commutte, and local government being moronic (which may or may not be true). I think there are some spots in Alaska, Nevada, and Wyoming that are still pretty void of humans and maybe their departure from the masses here would be an altruistic start on their part!
I understand the point, but good God man...get over it. Go sit on the Frying Pan or San Juan in mid-July. Maybe that's what the good old day guys should do just to remember that these are the good old days! With countless streams and lakes, not to mention the literally hundredS of mileS of famous rivers to fish, it's not too hard to find some solitude and fish around here...even in mid-July.
It reminds me of that old saying about the guy with one foot in yesterday and one in just gets pissed and crapped all over!

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