Sunday, February 26, 2006

It's Time to Get Serious

Well, the season is fast-approaching...finally. I've been fishing a bit on the Madison as of late, looking forward to the longer days of Spring just around the corner. This is the time of year when the attitude shifts from that of anticipation to action! Flies are being tied, deposits are being taken, trips planned and scheduled, expectations are get the point.
I head to Arkansas this coming week for much long awaited debut on the world famous tailwaters scattered around the southern end of the Ozarks. The region is home to the waters that have produced the last several world-record brown trouts, albeit that they were taken on corn and marshmallows! I wonder if I'm above fishing corn or maggots if there is a real chance at 20-30 lbs trout? The last few weeks have found me dipping to lows never grub tails Zap-A-Gapped to bait hooks, Giant red Gamakatsu Bait Hooks dressed with glitterring red worms (plastic that is). Oh well, the one thing I know about flyfisherman today is that everyone's a snob until they hear that other guy's reel zinging!
It's good to fish and to fish is good.

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