Tuesday, March 28, 2006

A Day in The Fly Shop

So, what happens on a normal day in a fly shop this time of year? Well, besides all the fame and glory, there are some real tasks that have to be meticulously taken care of! For instance, Rick (the manager) tied 8 dozen re San Juan worms in about 3 hours today. I was busy checking for e-mails from my wife (who is in Austria at the time) and looking for a vacation rental around Lumsden in New Zealand. I also put an order together for some tying materials, looked at the sales reports and used that info to get a book order together. We got a new color of Crawbuggers in that didn't jive with the Master Plan, so I had to alter the Master Plan. I planned a float on the Jefferson tomorrow through the canyon above Sappington. I tried to coerce a fromer employee into throwing his dreams of being a financial juggernaut away for a few months to come back to work with us. Booked a trip, answered some e-mails, talked fishing to some customers...another tough day at the office. It's hard to imagine, but life in a fly shop really is kind of like life in a fly shop!

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