Monday, March 27, 2006

Fishing Today

I had a couple from Minnesota today. They have been fishing for a few years now and were pretty good fly-fishers, compared to many others. The weather the last couple of days has been really crappy, but a high pressure system moved in last night and cleared everything out maing for a great day. We caught some fish, lost some too, missed some as well, but landed a 20 inche brown whihc was just an amazing fish.

The couple was very nice and genuinley enjoyed the day and the experience. People like this just reinfornce why I do what I do. They understand the idea that fly-fishing is fishing and through fishing, comes freedom.

The river bumped up 200 cfs over the last day, so some of the buckets were a bit harder to get to and the fish seemed to be a spread out a bit. We mostly hooked up in water less than 2 feet deep on the San Juan. Saw some good numbers of Baetis early on and got a few fish to eat some small PT's.

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