Monday, April 17, 2006

Mudville, USA

Well, things are really spooky right now around the region. It seems like this happens every year, so I shouldn't worry. The Big Hole, Jefferson, Yellowstone, Gallatin, and who know what else are all dirty and fluctuating wildly in flows. Lots of rains, warm temperatures, and valley precip ahs all contributed to bring some of these rivers up a bit ahead of schedule plus brought some mud. The winds of last week stirred Ennis Lake up a ton, thus the Lower Madison is dirty as well. Dirty (like 1-2 feet of vis) isn't neccessarily bad, in fact I've had some phenomenal days playing in dirty water. However, this hasn't been the case so far this year.

I fished the Lower Madison today for a few hours with a product guy from Orvis. We barley touched any fish (3 to be precise) and I felt like we should have gotten some more. Ever since it got some color to it, it just hasn't been fishing as well. The fish should be eating crayfish and golden stones/ San Juans. The Caddis are a couple weeks away, so they should also be eating Mangies and Cased Caddis patterns, but the water is pretty dirty for the smaller flies today. Anyway, frustrtation is as bad as frustration is. That's my thought for the day. NZ is only about 10 months away!

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