Friday, April 14, 2006

Windy Moore

Had a girlfriend in high school named Wendy Moore. Hadn't thought of her too much in a long time, but breezy days always bring her to mind! The last few days have been more windy than not, hence these are the days of Wendy Moore!
Fished up around Story Ditch on the Madison on Wednesday. It was way windy, but I caught some fish and had a good time running the dogs. Picked up fish on the coffee and black girdle bug, a few on eggs, none on smaller nymphs. The river around there moves along pretty quick, but is more shallow than deep. I fished the banls by walking down the river about 15-20 feet from the bank. Fish were holding tight and mostly came out of the pockets behind the rocks. Saw several redds with fish on them and one redd had two massive rainbows on it. FIshing was good, casting was a wee bit tricky.

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