Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Recent Happenings

Following the day of the sick clients at the ponds, I spent the next day getting caught up with Homework. That's right, I'm in summer school this semester working towards an MBA through UM. It's been a real bitch so far btu hopefully the worst is over for the semester. I don't have any days off for most of June and July, so it should be interesting to say the least!
Anyway, I took my dad to the Big Hole last Saturday for the Divide to Melrose float and had a great time. The catching was good on stonefly nymphs (not telling which one), but there weren't any Salmonflies around yet anywhere on the river. From what I've heard, they are starting to show up down the river aways now, so it should be a madhouse over there this weekend.
The wife and I floated the Jefferson from Cardwell to Sappington on Sunday. I was mistamke in my assessment the previous day of clean water. The water was dirty, the fishing lousy, but the day was good.
There just aren't enough days in this life to spend with my dad, son, or wife fishing on a river in Montana. Isn't that what it's really all about? There comes a point when techno gear and the latest fly just doesn't matter. What really matters is the connection to life and the people around me that fishing builds.
On that note, Salmoflies have started on the Lower Madison, but it's still crazy high and pretty dirty. I'm sure that the word will be buzzing around here in the next few days and many expectations will be once again dissapointed by the reality of dries on the lower. Oh well, it will be on the upper in a week or so and insanity should follow. I'm guiding all through it and expect to have a blast. See you there.

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