Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I've been a really bad blogger

Things have been just crazy around here for the last 3 weeks. The guide season is in full swing now and my daily outings have ranged from mutli-dayt trips with angler of all skill levels, presenting a new challenge every day.
I had 4 great days 2 weeks ago with a couple of South African dudes from Durban just before the waters really began to clear. We hit the Upper for a couple of days and just pounded the fish on dead-drift Zonkers in dirty water. Had a long, but good day up on the Missouri and an amazing day on the lower just before they reduced the flows. The fishing was really good, but the guys were great, they just had a great time the whole trip. They took pictures of everything and marveled at the shuttle services, houses made of wood, mailboxes, and folks that leave tehir cars unlocked.
Next I had a couple of first-timers that were the victim of some changing conditions and lots of wind. They got some fish, but never really got the hang of the whole fly-fishing thing. The important thing is that they had a good time, got to see some cool stuff and got to spend some time together (father & son). So, even though the catching wasn't crazy, I'd say the fishing was pretty good.
Next I had a retired guy from Cody for a couple of days and the catching was also so so. He wante to really leanr more bout techniques and reading the water than catching fish, so we did that. I learned a lot form this guys as his demeanor was patient and easy going. To him, the ride is much more important than the destination - a reality that often gets lost during the summer.
Then, Ijust fininshed up two days on the Yellowstone, chasing Salmonflies up around Carbella. Had some great dry fly action with a couple of awesome guys.
I'll try to be better with kepping this updated as I want to provide daily reports along with some tidbits of Tobyology. I've got 3 more weeks of MBA classes and things should settle down for me. We go to the Smith next Wednesday!

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