Monday, December 11, 2006

Balmy Days

I fished this past Saturday on the Upper Madison around Valley Garden for an hour or so. The warm weather of the past week really broke up the ice on most of the area rivers and has made for soem nice fishing weather. We didn't fish too hard, but picked up several fish on some small San Juans and Red Disco Midges. Got some fish out of riffles and some out of the slow water where you'd expect to find them.
We took a look at the Madison, below Ennis Lake Dam and it was packed with people. 10 years ago or so you never saw anyone in there, now it's kind of like winter Mecca for local anglers. Oh is still good in there, it's just a long way to drive to fish within 100 yards of someone else.
Duck Hunting has been really good for me over the last month. Went out on Sunday and missed more than I hit. Lots of Mallards around now and it seems like more and more geese are starting to show up as well.

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