Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Winter on the Spring Creeks

I had a guide trip this past Saturday and Sunday to Depuy's Spring Creek that turned into a Sunday only trip. The temps had been in the teens on Saturday, so we opted for some other activities and made the venture over the hill on Sunday. I hadn't fished Depuy's in a couple of years, but found that it hadn't changed too much since my last trip.

Lots of fish are in the creeks now, with many a Brown Trout hunkered down on the redds. We mostly fished the lower creek to avoid the winds and stay close to a warming hut. Plenty of fish were found throughout the stretch on Egg patterns and BH Pheasant Tails. Isn't it amazing that fish still eat a BH PT?

The day was relativley short as things cooled down quickly around 3:30, but all in all...a good day out. I really enjoy the spring creeks in Livingston during the off season as there are plenty of fish around, not too many other anglers, and the wading is not life threatening.

I was duck hunting on the Yellowstone about a week ago...a couple days after it was really cold...the high that day was near 0. Wading across the sidechannel, in the dark, with slush ice bouncing off the old waders was an adventure.

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