Monday, November 13, 2006

Winter is Back

Ok, So I did a crappy job of blogging my summer experiences. Well, I'll try it again with a atrong start this winter.

Christine, my wife, is pregnant and we are expecting to have child arrival around mid-April 2007! This will be my second child and her first. We're excited and nervous, but looking forward to our new life ahead.

I'm going to New Zealand in January-February to fish down around Lumsden for a month. 5 of us are renting a house and splitting costs. Should be a very good time had by all!

I've been brid hunting a few times this fall and getting ready to go to Plentywood for the big shoot on Wednsday. Pheasants beware.

Fishing has been inconsistnet as of late. The spawners are in between the lakes on the Upper Madison and in the spring creeks over by Livingston. So Egg banging is possible and productive right now. The Lower Madison has been dirty and inconsistent the last week or so. Strong winds have stirred up Ennis Lake resulting in a foot of visibility or so.

I plan on being much better with the blog thing this winter and into next year.

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