Friday, January 26, 2007


I'm in Queenstown today, arrived a few days ago and have been down south fishing the last two days. Things are going well...the house we rented is ideal, the rivers are in great shape, not too many anglers around, and we've been getting some fish.

We fished the Mataura near Cattle Flats the first day and got some smaller fish on dries, broke off more than I landed. This section of the river is not known as having big fish, but good numbers of 2-4 pounders. I found that the 1-2 pounders liked my flies better than the 4-5 pounders! What a beautiful place.

Fished the Oreti yesterday with Selwyn. The light wasn't great and I had shaking legs the first part of the day. My nerves were a little on edge to say the least. My cast fely even worse than it looked. I decided that I will be nicer to clients when they can't get the cast done! Ended up hooking 4 nice fish on dries, landed two. Selwyn's net said 9.75 pounds on the one that he was there for, I questioned it, we checke the net and it was off! The fish was only 7.5 pounds. Pretty damn nice. Pual landed a 6.5-7 pounder as well. I don't thing we saw anything under 5 pounds all day. All in all, a great day. Here's some pics from the Oreti

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