Monday, January 08, 2007

White Midge

So, the Cowboys lost. Let's focus on fishing.

Rick came up with a great new Midge cluster pattern this year. I personally always go to a Griffith's Gnat, it works and I can see it . A lot of guys, however, can't see it. So, after playing around with a few patterns last year, he came up with a new cluster pattern and tied them up for the bins.
It's just a black dubbed body with white hackle palmered forward. The key is to use good hackle with stiff fibers and cram the body with lots of wraps. The result is an easy to see cluster pattern that works even better than it looks. Rick, if you didn't know, is an amazing fly tyer...the best I've ever been around (he never reads my blog, so I can say that) so the flies in the bins are super premo.If you're looking to try to get some of those fish on the Madison this winter on dries, pick up a few of these the next time out.

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