Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Fishing With the Fam

The past weekend was absolutely beautiful around here, so Christine, Alex, and I got out on Saturday at Pine Creek and then we had a guys day on Sunday down below Livingston. The warm weather has been crazy, but it's back to snow the last two days.
Finally started seeing some BWO's and fish eating midges in the foam eddies. Streamer fishing was good on Sunday with the usual suspects of Bow River Buggers and Zonkers.
The highlight of the weekend for me was seeing my 9.5 month pregnant wife catch a fish and flash a big smile. Also, spending two days with my son Alex out on the river was pretty cool too. He' picking up the fishing, but seems to just enjoy being out there with his old man.
We should be having the baby in the next week or so.

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