Sunday, April 08, 2007

Busy Busy

The last couple of weeks has flown by and now it seems that everything is coming to a head. We should be having a baby any day now. I am to give a talk on NZ on Wednesday, provided that Christine isn't in labor that is. I have my first guide trip of the year tomorrow so long as that labor thing doesn't come tonight! There's a ton to do at work, plenty of fish to be caught, and baby diapers to be changed.
There's been a bunch of press around latley on stream access. I went to the hearing on SB 78 this week and was amazed at the process and lack of honest representation in our state legislature. There have been a bunch of folks getting digruntled at our representatives as well as some of the conservation groups. Stream access is a critical issue for us in Montana, please support Public Lands/Water Acces Association, the Wildlife Federation, Montana River Action, as well as your favorite conservation agnecy such as TU, GYC, DU, RMEF, and more. There are a lot of fine people out there fighting to protect Montana's Stream Access for the current and future generations. You should be one too!
The Yellowstone has been great as of late. Cloudy days are bringing out billions of BWO's and midges. The good news is that the fish are up and gobbling doen dries. Lance and I fished around Emigrant on Friday and caught a bizillion fish. Sure, there may or may not have been a whitey or two in the mix, I don't recall exactly. The mix seemed to be about 50:50 whitey to trout, so when you're talking a bizillion, it seems like we caught a gidzillion trout!
The first guide trip of the year for me is tomorrow. I'm taking a couple of guys from town up to the Missouri for the day. Hopefully, I can find some fish that aren't up the Deerborn. The weather should be fantastic and I'm sure we'll be able to find plenty of fish to keep everybody happy for the day!
I'm getting very excited about the baby so keep your fingers crossed for me that he/she shows up on schedule...Thursday!

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