Saturday, March 29, 2008

Spring is in the Air

I awoke to some cold weather this morning and a touch of snow covers the yard. We've got a lot of snow yet to start coming out of the mountains and it's almost April! This is going to be one of the bets water years that we've had since the late 90's!

Christine and I are getting ready to head to Costa de Cocos on the Mexican/belize border for about a week of R&R. The plan is for her to do some diving and me to do some flats fishing. They've got some kayaks that we can use on our days off to do some exploring on our own. We're both looking forward to it and teh new snow doesn't diminsh that at all.

Fishing around here has been good for me so far this year. I've hit the Lower Madison a few times and the Upper around Varney once. Did pretty well on nymphs each time. Had my first trip of the season a couple weeks ago and that went really well on the lower. So, things are starting to get going around here and the outlook is fantastic! The first pic is from the White River in Arkansas , teh second is from a guide trip with Ronnie King from TN .

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