Sunday, May 18, 2008

Run Off

The big melt is officially underway as of last Thursday. Lance got the caddis hatch on the Yellowstone with almost no visibility Thursday, sounds like that was the last day to get on the fish though. Some buddies and I hit the Upper Madison opener on Saturday with some good results. We ended up getting up real early and trekking upstream from West Fork Cabins quite a ways. There was someone already where we wanted to be so we used some sly trickery and waited them out. Fishing as very good one Golden Stones, Worms and eggs.

The Wets Fork is filthy, but the right side of the river is still fishable almost down to Windy Point, after that, it starts to blend pretty well and the whole thing is ruined. It looks like it will be at least a couple of weeks before that gets good again as Cabin Creek above Quake is now gone too, along with just about every trib in the region. 

The lower continues to be questionable as the flows have been coming up every day and things just haven't settled down yet. This pic, though, shows what can happen over there when things do come together. It's a 26 inch brown caught by a new employee, Nick Gibb on a Clouser Cray about 200 yards below Warm Springs on the north bank. That's pretty descr
iptive...I'd say.

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