Thursday, May 22, 2008

Still Finding Fish

So the Lower is at 4000+, the upper, Yellowstone, and Gallatin are all pretty much gone for awhile now. The spring creeks, lakes, and Tailwaters are still fine and fishing very well. I was up on the Missouri yesterday and Willow Creek today. 
We floated from the Deerborn down to Mtn. Palace and did great with Worms, Baetis Nymphs, and Caddis Pupa. Had some excellent dry fly fishing from about 3  on with Elk Hair Caddis, despite the abundance of Baetis. It was some of the easiest dry fly fishing I've seen on teh Missouri in a long time. There were lots of fish coming up and all we had to do was get it near one and bam. The Missouri should be fine all through the runoff with the exception of a few days here and there if the Deerborn shoots up over 1000 cfs. Prickly Pear could go as well, but I think it already has done it's things. So, head to the Mo.
I guided on Willow Creek today for the first time. I fished it years ago, but had never guided it. I always like guiding on new water as it adds a little "drama" to the whole thing and keeps me at attention most of the day. We wlaked up th mouth of the upper canyon about 2 miles or so. The fishing was very good with San Juans fished through likely looking water. It's a small stream loaded with fish, mostly in the 8-12 inch range but there are some larger ones around...there always are aren't there.
Don't you love it when a guide says that! What that means is that you should catch plenty 
of fish but the last time he saw a big one was in a newspaper article from 1958 with some kid hanging a 14 pounder over his back while walking down main street. So in theory, there could be some big ones in there. 
Anyway, Willow Creek was really beautiful. It reminded me of a mini Pomahaka or Von from NZ - less the enormous fish. I thought I had some good pics, but my lens was watery. It rained on us the entire day.

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