Saturday, July 05, 2008

Bad Timing

This whole early summer seems to have been plagued by bad timing as the water just keeps on coming. The Yellowstone and Gallatin are still not fishable and the upper Madison is pretty bad below Macatee...still. But we have some Salmonflies starting on the upper so I'm going to make an early morning run in the am to see if we can get them on dries. 

The last two weeks have taken me all over the place it seems, but mostly just on the Madison with a few trips up to the Missouri. The lower finally greened up about a week ago and I finally had a good numbers day about a week ago. I've been fishing a big brown Yuk Bug, a pattern that I haven't fished in years. It's been really good for me the last 3 or 4 times down. I did Greycliff to teh Interstate today and we got about a dozen fish and a really nice 23+" inch 5.5-6 pounde brown...all on teh Yuk Bug.

The Missouri has been really good for me as well the last couple of weeks. Even the dam section has nymphed well which is kind of refreshing  as I don't fish that section as much as I used to. We really whacked em on a pheasant tailed color Little Green Machine. The dry fly fishing is just starting to get good on the lower river with lots of PMD's and so
me caddis around too. 

Right in the middle of this last run, the family and I came down with a pretty nasty sto
mach virus that we blamed on some bad pizza. Well, the pizza was fine I guess. I spent the better part of Thursday throwing up and Friday was spent drinking gatorade and whining about how bad my ribs hurt. Felt better this morning and am back at it.

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