Tuesday, June 24, 2008

More Lower Madison

Alright, I'm getting tired of fishing the lower everyday. So, I'm off to the Missouri tomorrow where the flows have dropped back down to below 10G CFS. 
The lower continues to fish pretty well, folks just have a hard time keeping the fly in the zone with all the high water going through right now. One of the guys today landed a real nice fish that was just over 22". He was basically trolling and the fish hammered the fly. They seem to get on that drag drift some days better than others. I still like a good dead drift best, but it sure seems like a tight line drift can get 'em pretty good somedays. All I had today was my camcorder and the pic quality ain't that good. It was a helluva fish and the biggest that I've had a client land as of yet this year. He ate a 
beadheaded something or other...interesting as I didn't get the crayfish bite today so much but they hammered the crays the day before.

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