Monday, August 18, 2008

Back At it

Had a day off today and ended up having to go into the shop this am as I was scheduled to open...but forgot to show up. I lectured myself for a few minutes and promised not to do it again. Spent the rest of the day with my youngest son and had lunch with my older one. 

Big Horn was very good and crowded as expected. Got a few fish to eat hoppers and they were just starting to get going on Black Caddis. That black caddis thing can be very good over there as the pattern just needs to be right and they gobble them up. I like a CDC Black Caddis in a 16 the best. The fish are also getting on Black Fly pupae as well, these can be pretty trick as they really get keyed into these at different times of the day. But when they are on them, they eat the crap out of them. A black and white zebra midge or a black tailwater tiny in a size 20 always seems to get it done. It's a confusing hatch and pretty much impossible to detect unless you pump a fish. They should be getting on them on the Missouri as well. When they are on the black flies, you can have a good day fishing regular stuff, but if you get the bug right, you can hammer them on the black flies.

Hopper fishing is still great on the lower Yellowstone, I'm going to check out som
e stuff above town this week as I haven't been up that way this year and it sounds like it has been fishing just as well. That old tan foam hopper seems to keep finding plenty of lookers. There have been lots of boats out though, so you need to leave early or go where I go which I won't tell you.

No complaints this year about FWP...yet. I am surprised they haven't imposed the Hoot Owl restrcitions on the lower Madison as it has been plenty warm for awhile now. The Madison changes seems to at least brought more enforcement activity.

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