Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fishing is Good

The Yellowstone just keeps fishing really wellwith hoppers. We had a great day yesterday down low with lots of hook ups all afternoon long. Better yet, we had the river to ourselves. Nothing huge, but lots of good fish 14-18". 

My client for the las 2 days is learning quickly and I bet things will just get better with him the next two day. If you've fished with me before...just think...ok cast again, mend, strip in some linem hithithit, strip strip, let him go let go let go of the line, get your rod up...extend your arms...he's not goign to swim into the net! I've said that a few times the last 2 days. 

We hit the lower Madison today and had surprisingly good action on nymphs, they were also eating hoppers pretty well but we didn't mess with the dries today. Picking weeds off lightn
ing bugs is way more fun anyway.

A big front is coming through tonight so we'll see what happens in the morning.

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Kevin said...

Thanks for the great blog! I got to go fishing and get out of this office! I just moved to Bozeman from Belize and look forward to meeting both you and Rick.
Kevin Bonasera
Turneffe Flats