Friday, August 22, 2008

Post Front

Things were much cooler in SW Montana today, but really pleasant overall. The Yellowstone was really windy this morning and I guess the fish just were off a bit which is not really a surprise given the front that just came through I headed up to the Upper Madison this am as the least wind was fore casted that way. Lyon's was an absolute circus.

One would think that all those West and Idaho guides would get up a little earlier, they never get to the river until 9:30 or so and it's only a half hour drive for them. Lazy Asses. I usually leave early to get up there around 8 or so but not today.

The fishing was good on midnight stones and small mayfly nymphs in the am, switching to caddis midday behind the stone. We didn't try dries as the breeze was enough to give my guy some issues. He still hooked a good number of decent fish on nymphs throughout the day. The water was chilly this am, enough so that my toes were pretty cold while putting the boat in.

One thing I've noticed this year is that I haven't got fish on the sculpin patterns like I normally do. My thinking is that sculpin fishing usually gets good in late July/early Aug. So, if everything holds like it has so far this year...then we should start getting some fish on dead-drifted bait in the next week-10 days. 

Tricos on the lower Yellowstone...hmm...interesting.

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