Saturday, September 06, 2008

Where did Summer Go?

It's had to believe that September is already here. It's the time of year when bird hunting and football give my interests some "roundedness."
What a crazy year it has been in the world of fishing around SW Montana. Things started off pretty good in March and April but lots of snow pack and a cool spring really kept summer away until maybe the 3rd week of June. Even then, fishing didn't really get going until July and I don't think I fished the Yellowstone until August! Salmonfies were pretty much a waste on the Madison but we had a bout 6 weeks of really good hopper fishing between the Madison and Yellowstone.
The season is still in full swing though so I gues I shouldn't start reflecting yet!Fished the lower the last few days and with some pretty good action finding my way yesterday. The high load of water coming through the dam has made for some interesting conditions. I found that troll was the way to go yesterday. We ended up get enough on the dead drift and a whole bunch on the troll. Cuners and Clousers oh my.
Going donw low on the stone tomorrow in search of a goliath, knowing that the lower is the place to be but we shall see.

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