Monday, September 01, 2008

It's Cold

The last week has seen some alright fishing, but not as good as hoped for, mostly because of some funky weather systems. I had a great couple days on the Gallatin but then was frustrated by some big winds and unsettled weather on the Madison and Yellowstone. We still got some fish, but mostly smaller ones and they came with some work. 

I say that, but in retrospect...that applies to the Yellowsteone. We actually had a decent bite on the Upper about a week ago and ended up with 10-12 fish in the boat. The angler wasn't real thrilled about that but he hooked about twice that many fish and got whipped by one real nice brown and lost a couple other good fish. The Yellowstone did suck the next day though.

The lower Madison is coming back into fine form and has fished very well the last few days. There is some stuff going on with Hebgen Dam right now which is affecting the entire system so we'll have to see what shakes out over the next few days. I think things should be awesome as teh crayfish bite has been hot, big flows should flush some of the weeds and put a lot of food and oxygen into the lower. So, keep int touch and plan on getting out there in the next few days if the flows come back down out of Ennis.

I went up to Lewistown yesterday to get the Setter out of hunting dog camp. Stopped and fished Big Spring Creek on the way up for a few hours. They were eating hoppers real well. 

Driving up there yesterday just reminded me of how amazing this year has been from a water perspective. Things are still green, small streams, seeps, and springs still have water in them. It's been a much needed reprieve from the drought years of late. I'm looking forward to the rest of the year as things are still fishng great overall. As always weather systems can bring some unpredictable weather and conditions.

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