Friday, January 23, 2009

The Haps

Winter finally came back to see us here in SW Montana, hopefully it will stick around for awhile this time. The snowpack has diminished to 80% levels around the region over the last couple of weeks. I have a good "feeling" about the coming season and water conditions for some reason though. If we get our usual Feb and spring snows...we'll be in great shape.

The lower Madison is usually pretty good this time of year but we've been getting some real mixed reports over the last week. One guy hammers 'em and the next only got 2 all day. Working in a fly shop, you usually have to filter some info on both ends of the spectrum to find the truth. However, some reliable sources have been saying they've been doing good on pink scuds followed by midges, lightning bugs, etc. 

Usually when the water temp is cold over there, like it now you really have to make sure that you have the right amount of weight to get a slow drift through the deeper holes. If you know what a bucket is and how to find them...then you're in for a good day this time of year on the lower.

I've been working on marketing stuff, 1099's, and general shop duty the last week and a half. I have to admit that I like my job, both the guiding and the shop part of it. 

I've also been tying flies for NZ in the evenings...have some very sexy new dries for this year's trip. There are a whole lot of dudes from the area going down there this year, it's a big place with lots of water, but I would still just assume not run into anybody there. I had the unpleasant experience a few years ago of having a guide walk in on me with two clients from Bozeman on a weekend on the Oreti. It was bad enough and the fact that the lady wnated to talk to me a bout Simms and Bozeman in the middle of the day on the Oreti just made it worse. Thats why when in NZ...I'm now French

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