Monday, February 02, 2009

Winding Up

The past weekend was a little crazy as the wif was out of town and I got to play Mr. Mom for a few days. Although I really enjoy spending some time with my little one, Matty, it's much more fun when Mom is home too! Kids are a lot of work, unlike dogs, you can't put them out when they're driving you crazy. I guess in the end though, it's more fun than not.

I leave for NZ this coming Friday...finally. So, this week involves wrapping up some loose ends around the shop and getting everything together.

Fly tying has become more prominent in my activities over the last few months for a couple of reasons. One, Rick is driving shuttles this winter instead of working in the shop, so I've been getting everyone together for our Saturday Tying Seminars and teaching the intro tying class. Two, tying bugs fro NZ. I actually enjoy tying quite a bit, it's relaxing and a way for me to express my "creative" side without actually thinking about it like that.

One of the coolest things that I've come across lately is using Flexi-Floss for bodies. I've been using this materials for years on midges and legs on stonefly nymphs, but I started using it on dries too and think the results are great. It gives you a nice, clean body in billions of colors and is very durable. I've been using a light and dark color wrapped together to get a segmented look. This is an easy way to get a more realistic look to just about anything and they look yummy.

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