Sunday, January 18, 2009

January In SW Mt

It seems like the last few months have been as hectic as ever in regards to just taking care of life things. Holiday visits to Ohio and Texas have kept me busy with non-fishing related stuff more so than not, but I did manage to sneak a few fishing outings in there.
I fished for Great Lakes Steelhead one day in December on Rocky River, just west of Cleveland. The day started off about 18 degrees and snowy. The river was rather small compared to waters around here and full of slush ice and anchor ice was prevelant in all of the fishy looking runs. We stuck it out and got a few fish late in the day. Bruce lost one that was about 8 lbs. right at the guide's hand (he didn't bring a net) and we each landed a couple in the 5-6 pound class. 

The family and I just returned from 10 days in Texas, we were originally supposed to got Turks & Caicos but we dithced that trip thanks to the economy. Texas was fun-filled family adventure that ostly involved being really busy going form one place to another. My parents have a beach house west of Galveston and we spent a few days there but the weather was not ideal for fishing the flats. The remnanats of Huricane Ike were everywhere, pretty amazing actaully.

I think the area has some real potential from a fly-fisher perspective as there are miles and miles of shallow flats and lagoons right out there back yard with Redfish and Speckled Trout. My plan is to learn that and start hosting some trips down to the area in 2011. I found one guide in the area that seemed like a great guy but he only does it part time for the time being.

The weather here in Bozeman has been fantastic latley and people have been getting out by the droves. I went to the Upper Madison above the West Fork yesterday. I think we found the only spot in SW Montana that didn't get above freezing yesterday! We still manged to get 20
-30 fish between us in about 3 hours of fishing. Clear skies and a snow covered landscape made for some really beautiful scenery and a great day. There were hundreds of elk scatterred through the Valley as there must be some late season hunts keeping them on the move.

I'm getting ready for the New Zealand trip and trying to get caught up on the shop things before we go.


Josh said...

Can I ask where exactly you were on the Upper Madison Saturday? I fished above West Fork on the Upper on Saturday too. We just popped in south of the West Fork Campground where the river meets the road. I didn't see anyone else, nor did I expect to. We also caught about 30 fish, albeit in a few more hours.

Toby Swank said...

We parked on the highway about 1/2 mile above Pine Butte and wlaked up from there. There were some guys fishing above and below Pine Butte as well. We were fishing the big bend below the west bench.