Thursday, March 19, 2009

A New Day

I ended up taking it ez today, awaiting the results of my cat scan yesterday. Everything turned out fine, the pain in my side is due to a kidney stone that has yet to make it out of my kidney. So I have that to look forward to which is much better than the alternative that i thought I was dealing with!

I did manage to fish for an hour on the Upper Madison, nothing crazy but got out for a little and got a few fish around Burnt Tree. I'm guiding tomorrow and Saturday and planning on heading that way at least one of the days. It's getting that time of year when those bows start to head for the redds, I heard that they are already on some in the Beartrap. Hopefully, we can find some that are still in the buckets and not squirting eggs.

One of the highlights of the Chile trip was fishing for sea run rainbows. These aren't like steelies that head up river to spawn, these are fish that move in and out of the estuary and lower ends of rivers to feed with tidal changes. I had an afternoon of catching 3-6 pounders, one after another while sight casting to them with a small Hare and Copper (my favorite nz nymph). It was fantastic fun to watch them motor on over and hammer the nymph and then take off like a rocket once hooked. I actually had to walk away from the run because I knew it would end if I pushed it much more!

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